We commenced operations in April 2005 as a food processing and packaging company. We are currently engaged in the production of various food and beverage products.

Our main focus is to
  • Develop innovative food products to meet the needs of our consumers
  • Improve on nutrition, quality and hygiene of food products in the Nigerian market and environs
  • Offer value to our consumers by offering economical pack sizes to enable affordability and improve the
    economic wellbeing of our consumers in Nigeria and beyond.
Currently we have the following products in the market
  • Family Cube Sugar (both white and brown cube options)
  • Family Granulated Sugar (both white and brown options)
  • Choice Baking Sugar
  • Choice Icing Sugar
  • Family Choco (chocolate food drink)
  • Family Vanilla Custard
  • Family Milk (3-in-1) Custard
  • Family Choco (4-in-1) Custard